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Attorney at Law

From 2002 until now, we provide the following services:

  • We assist in constructing and negotiating rights acquisition agreements and licence agreements,
  • We act as legal representatives of our clients before common courts of law including the Supreme Court of Poland and at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland,
  • We advise the clients on the matters linked with personal data protection and business/trade secrets,
  • We draw up opinions relating to the image and personal interests protection and represent our clients where necessary,
  • We counsel our clients on issues linked with press law and advertisement, and we represent them where necessary,
  • We support and counsel our clients when choosing a strategy to protect and develop the industrial property of their companies/enterprises,
  • We represent our clients in internet domain related disputes,
  • We represent clients in litigations with organisations for collective management of copyright and related rights,
  • To business entities, we render complex services in the field of economic law, labour law, public procurements law, and civil law,
  • We represent clients before common courts of law in the issues relating to family and inheritance law,
  • We represent clients in criminal cases on every single stage of the court proceeding.


30-045 Kraków
ul. Królewska 7 lok. 2

e-mail: biuro@dvk-kancelaria.pl
Tel: 0048 126319025
FAX: 0048 123764367